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Conversations with a Mountain

Rochelle Strassner Guyana and the Makushi culture/people, went from being something I had never heard of, to a country and culture I will never forget. My experience in Guyana this past summer was filled with academic, cultural, and personal exploration. Learning about traditional farming practices, interacting with a local youth nature group, participating in the... Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Little Things

Whenever there is talk about taking care of the planet, phrases such as "Saving the World" are often used - which can be pretty daunting. Oakland Nature Preserve There is no doubt that we as humans, require a global fundamental shift in our actions, beliefs, and perceptions (Reddy et al. 2016), if we are to... Continue Reading →

Harmonic Radar

What is harmonic radar you ask? In short, it is a method to track insects. Now, I understand that tracking insects doesn’t sound nearly as cool as tracking lions on an African safari through the Serengeti – but I promise, it’s still really cool in its own way. How it Works The way harmonic radar... Continue Reading →

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